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History and Business activities

Magyar Cetelem Bank Zrt was established by French Cetelem S.A. in 1996. The bank rapidly developed to become a market leader specialist in the field of consumer loans in Hungary by adapting its experience gained in France. The bank started its activity in Hungary by distributing consumer loans on goods, and began the issue of credit cards in 1999. Cetelem became to be market leader in the field of consumer loans on goods in 2001, then in the area of issuing credit cards in 2005. The Bank started its online personal loan service in 2006. It is a novelty in online personal loan application,that the credit calculator deals with different loan possibilities based on the credit aims of clients. This way each personal loan product of Cetelem is available online as well. This type of personal loan calculator is unique at the moment on the market. In 2015, the bank launched a savings account product offer to help its clients to plan their future projects.

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  • The economic weekly Figyelő has chosen Magyar Cetelem Bank as “Financial institution of the Year 2015”.