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History and Business activities

Cetelem is Romania’s leading consumer finance since 2005, offering a wide range of financial products and services. Today, the company has grown into a business with more than 1,5 million clients, over 2,500 working points, in more than 300 cities. Cetelem is also a Top 3 player on Romanian credit cards market.

Currently, Cetelem Romania provides a full range of consumer finance products : POS loans through national retail networks or local partnerships, Credit cards (Mastercard), Personal loans, Car Loans in car showrooms, Credit in online shops, Insurances. The innovation is one of our main values: Cetelem is the first financial institution of the Romanian credit market offering loans by phone or 100% on-line.

As Cetelem’s Romania strategy is built on a responsible and tailored customer approach, we value our customer’s satisfaction: 83% of customers are highly satisfied, 55% are loyal, 69% recommend us. (According to IPSOS 100% Customer Satisfaction, S12015.)

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