For private individuals


BNP Paribas Personal Finance proposes an offer built with two goals in mind:
• help households carry out their projects and manage their budget
• meet the specific needs of partner companies

BNP Paribas Personal Finance proposes a complete range of loan, savings and insurance products that is clear, transparent and designed to support client projects.


BNP Paribas Personal Finance develops responsible product and service offers that meet client needs and are adapted to society’s new habits and consumer modes.

• Loan solutions are proposed directly to clients:
by phone, on the Internet, at our branch offices or through brokers.

Personal Loan Revolving Credit Loan Consolidation Real Estate Credit
A solution for financing different projects (renovations, car, leisure, furniture, computer equipment, travel, etc.) – the amount loaned, length of reimbursement, rate applied and monthly payments are defined when the contract is signed. A cash reserve is built as payments are made and can be combined or not with a credit card. Existing loans (possibility a new project) are combined in a single loan for a single time period, with just one monthly payment. Loan which covers all or part of the funding of acquisition.

• Financing solutions proposed to clients at our partners points of sale (stores, e-business sites, automobile dealerships).

Payment Facilities / Short-term credit In-store Credit Credit Cards in Retailer’s Name Car Leasing with
Option to Buy
A loan with a reimbursement period equal or under four months. To finance a purchase over a longer period (predetermined period). BNP Paribas Personal Finance pays the vendor directly, and the client reimburses BNP Paribas Personal Finance a loan. To pay for purchases with cash or on credit by benefiting from a revolving account if necessary. To lease a vehicle for a predetermined period and become the owner at the end of this period if desired, for a residual value agreed upon the contact’s signature.


To support clients as fully as possible in carrying out their projects, BNP Paribas Personal Finance proposes a savings offer in complement to its financing solutions in several countries (Bulgaria, France, Germany Hungary and Italy); these products are simple and accessible and have different forms in different countries.

Savings Account / Savings Book Term Deposits
This solution enables depositing money on a savings account/savings broke (initial deposit and/or intermittent or regular payments) and earning interest; the money is available at all times. Money added to the account is blocked for a predetermined period at an interest rate that is set when the account is opened.


BNP Paribas Personal Finance proposes solutions that are specially designed to protect clients and to preserve the family’s budget.

  • Borrower’s insurance protects financing; this protective solution secures consumer credit payments in case of a sudden loss in income.
  • In addition to loan insurance, BNP Paribas Personal Finance proposes a broad range of other protective solutions:

Family protection

  • In case of death or an accident, insurance to protect the family
  • In case of income loss, insurance to balance the family budget
  • Health insurance guarantees the reimbursement of certain health expenses, depending on the client’s needs and budget

Property protection

  • Insurance in case of fraud or robbery: fraudulent payments, identity theft, fraudulent online purchases, theft of keys, etc.
  • Warranty extension insurance for vehicles or household equipment
  • Insurance that guarantees the difference between current market value and the loan balance to cover car financing loss
  • Car insurance to cover material and bodily damage
  • Home insurance to protect personal property, buildings, civil responsibility, …